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Crex Realtyanimated batWelcome to the Dark Side of Crex Realty
Haunted Houses
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The Haunted Mansion

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Fright Bytes!

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The Haunted House!

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Visit the Winchester Mansion

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Ghost stories:
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O'Neill's Ghost Stories

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Your Ghost Stories

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Ghost Hunting 101

Scary Stories!


These are really neat Halloween sites!
Please visit them all!

Amber's Pumpkin Patch
Creator of the animated bats.

25,000 Animations!
Creators of the pumpkin with flying bat.

Provider of the spooky music.

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Not so spooky?
You don't see him when he finds the bottom of his food dish.
Or when he decides he wants to go outside at 2:00 a.m.!

Happy Halloween!

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