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Thinking of selling your home or property?

Have you been thinking about selling your home or property? Now is a good time to list with Crex Realty, Inc. The interests rates are low and we have many buyers looking for that 'right' home or land.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL! People normally look at more than one house before deciding to buy. Usually they will look at several homes in one outing. The helpful hints that are provided on this page could possibly make the difference between choosing your home or someone else’s.

We will do a no obligation, no cost, Comparative Market Analysis with you. We will look at comparable property that has been sold to show you what your type of property has been selling for in the current market. You may be pleasantly surprised at what your property is worth today!

Most of the properties in our inventory are located in Burnett & Polk Counties. However we do business in other counties as well.

The final decision about when you want to list your property and for what price is yours!

SOLD...You will not find any 'sold' banners on our listings. If you should happen to want information on sold properties that is no longer online please E-mail us a request for a 'list of sold properties'. Also please indicate the time frame. (i.e. Jan. 1997 to present) We will be happy to provide this information.

Also please be aware that we 'recycle' our listing numbers. For example listing #215 this week/month may be a different property Than listing #215 next week/month. Therefore it is possible to see listing #215 in both the normal listing information and the sold listing information, but they are two completely different properties. Please read the description at least partially to be sure of the property that you are looking at. The listing number breakdown goes as follows.

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