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Why Crex Realty is NOT a SECURE website

Is our website secure? Answer: NO.
Are the users of our website secure? Answer: YES.

If you would like more information about the how and why, please read on.

Reasons for NOT having a secure website. and websites contain information meant to be freely shared with anyone who wants to view it. Why would we want to add the overhead of scrambling that information as it is transmitted?

The definition of "FREE" as used in this document: To allow access to any information in whole or in part that is provided by this website without asking for anything in exchange, whether it be money, or information provided by users. The information is accessible to be viewed by the user, as much or as little as they desire without any obligation to Crex Realty inc. which is the provider of the and websites.

Since our website contains FREE information, we have no need or desire to monitor who is looking at it, or for what reason.

Our website is here to function as an easy and convenient way to find out about real estate in North West Wisconsin, (if you happen to be interested). However it doesn't just end there, we believe that deciding whether to buy a piece of real estate, or not may involve knowing something about the area, so we also try to provide as much FREE general information about our geographic location and communities as practical to allow an interested party easy access to this information.

A Note about security.

Since the dawn of the Internet people have been warned that anything you do, lookup, or access could be monitored by an unknown party. This is much like the use of a baby monitor, or a walk-e-talkie. If you use these items, it is possible for some unknown person to be listening to you using them. Does that make it insecure? Well I guess it would depend on exactly what you are using them for. I would not recommend using a walk-e-talkie to tell someone where you left the key under the rug, to get in the front door, anymore than I would recommend using email to send information about how to access your checking account. If sensitive information is being transferred over the Internet then having a secure way to do it is very necessary. But it doesn't end there, Once this party has obtained the sensitive information, then they are obligated, and should be accountable for any breach of that security. In other words if a website requires you to "log" in, in order to view or otherwise use the site, what do they do with that information? Do they sell it to someone? Do they maintain a data base or some other vessel to keep this information? If they do keep this information, is their information storage safe? Can it be sold to someone that you may not wish to have your login information, email address, etc. Can the information be stolen? So when you browse the Internet and come across the websites that are flagged as secure (https:) or NOT secure (http:), rather then wonder if the website is safe to view, perhaps you should ask, is the website requesting information from you, the user? If they are requesting information from you, maybe you should ask why? Is the information you give to view or use the site worth the risk of that information going to an undesirable party?

A Better Way.

How about we leave the sensitive information off of the Internet, and therefore simply provide information to you that we hope to be helpful in your quest to buy or sell real estate. If there is anything that you wish to have more information on, simply contact us using whatever means you prefer.

The Internet is a great tool for a huge variety of reasons. But like any great tool it can also be used for the wrong reasons. Just because a website is labeled "not secure" doesn't make it a bad website. It is the purpose of the website that makes it good or bad.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Thank-you, for visiting!,
Crex Realty, Inc. Web Masters,
Dean & Ramona Moody

All comments are welcome!