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This page is set up as an easy access to every part of the Crex Realty, Inc. Web site.If you are going to bookmark this site, I highly recommend that you bookmark this page. I have provided text links with short descriptions to all of the information pages maintained on this site. Also I will update this page every time I add something to the Crex Realty, Inc. web site.

As you already know we are here to sell real estate. We have catagorized our listings into the following groups for your convienence. You may notice that one particular property is listed in two or more catagories. We do this when we feel the property has potential to be used in different ways.
*New Listings*
*Meet the Agents*

  • A complete list of our inventory, indexed by fast loading, small thumbnail pictures. Click the picture of the house you are interested in to see the details, as well as an option to view a much larger picture.
  • Burnett County image maps! If you are unfamiliar with Burnett County Wisconsin, WE CAN HELP! Our Burnett County map will lead you to the individual townships. Where we have links to property listings, information about the various lakes in the county and anything else that we happen to have information on. We have also added image maps of Polk County featuring many wonderful recreational lakes.
  • Thinking about selling your own home. WE CAN HELP! Please take a look at our helpful tips page.

But The Crex Realty, Inc. Site is not here just to sell
real estate!

We have added and will continue to add information to this
site pertaining to the local area. As a matter of fact, if
there is something you would like to know about Grantsburg,
Burnett County, Polk County, or any area within a reasonable
distance, simply send a request via E-mail and I will do my
best to get the information, and post it on this site.

Please move around and take a look at what we have to offer so far.

  • About Grantsburg, Wisconsin.
    This section includes information about the Grantsburg Community. In this section you will find links to statistics, a map of the Grantsburg village, and links to area businesses, attractions, and events.
  • Crex Meadows.
    The Crex Meadows is probably one of the biggest attractions Grantsburg has to offer! Please take the time to look at our Crex page. There is something for everyone in the Crex.
  • Ramona's Craft Page.
    Ramona's personal page with pictures of her crafts. Hand made decorative plates, candle lamps, even a flower pot man.
  • Get a close up view of the 1999 Grantsburg Parade.
  • A walk in the park! Spend the day in downtown Grantsburg's Memory lake park.
  • Memory Park at Christmas time! 2003 Christmas lights Display.
  • Our Do it Yourself Solar Array and the Data we have collected on its performance.

Our bottom line goal is to

make your Internet house

hunting as enjoyable as


Please let us know if we are achieving our goal.

Thank-you for visiting!
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