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We at Crex Realty, Inc. are pleased and proud to provide real estate services to buyers and sellers. We are easy to find at the Jct. of 48/87 &70 in Grantsburg Wisconsin. We are in the brick business building on the Northeast corner of the intersection. Crex Realty, Inc. has been providing high quality service at this location since January 10, 1984. Most of the properties in our inventory are located in Burnett & Polk Counties. However we do business in other counties as well. Please call on us to discuss all your real estate needs. Everything we discuss will be confidential.

Special note: FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL! People normally look at more than one house before deciding to buy. Usually they will look at several homes in one outing. The helpful hints that are provided on this page could possibly make the difference between choosing your home or someone else’s.

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Grantsburg School District.

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Grantsburg Wisconsin is a small industrial/agriculture community in (Burnett County). Located approximately 3 miles East of the beautiful St. Croix river on Highway 70 about 70 miles North East of (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Minnesota and about 80 miles south of (Duluth) Minnesota. Many people choose to live in the Burnett County area and commute to The Twin Cities.

Grantsburg is surrounded by lakes, streams, rivers and is only half mile south of Wisconsin Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge. Which offers over 30,000 acres of land for wildlife. There are miles of winding roads through the Crex Meadows to enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful Wisconsin sun set.

Grantsburg is also very close to (Governor Knowles State Forest) which boasts miles of hiking and ski trails along the St. Croix river.

To see what else is going on in Grantsburg, especially at Grantsburg Schools, please visit (www.wearegrantsburg.com.)

Grantsburg is a growing community. There are several businesses

For a complete list of Grantsburg area businesses click here: (Grantsburg Business Contacts)

There are many community events in Grantsburg:

(Burnett County)

Burnett County is located on the North West border of Wisconsin. Some of the larger towns in Burnett County

Points of Interest

There are several large Wildlife areas in Burnett County and many lakes with good fishing.
Some of the larger Burnett County Lakes include:


Polk County is located South of Burnett County. Approximately 60 miles North East of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and about 100 miles South of Duluth Minnesota.
Some of the larger towns in Polk County are:

There are many lakes in Polk County.
Some of the larger lakes are:

Crex Realty, Inc.

P.O. Box 421
Grantsburg WI, 54840
Phone:(715) 463-5757

Cell Phone: 651-249-3418 Home phone:(715) 463-5715
Home phone:(715) 488-2395

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