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(Graphic page for downloading). This page requires that JavaScript be turned on in order for the form to work properly.

(Text version download page). Simply scroll down to the version of Acrobat Reader that you want, then click the link that matches your operating system. This page is recommended for some one with an older slower computer, or an operating system that is different from Win95/98.

It has been brought to our attention that there is no where on our website that you can print out a brochure of a single listing. To correct this situation we have started to create a separate PDF brochure for each listing.

The link to download the PDF brochure will be provided along with the links that we normally provide for the pictures of the listing.

We choose the PDF (portable document format) for several reasons:

  • Cross platform portability. (You can download for free, a copy of Acrobat Reader from (Adobe's website), for any operating system.) This means that our PDF listing brochures can be read on any computer, any where, without the hassle of converting from one software to another. Simply download Adobe's Acrobat Reader, and you are ready to go!
  • Because of the cross platform readability, Adobe Acrobat PDF files have been the standard and remain the standard when it comes to electronic publishing on the Internet.
  • The Internet is full of PDF's! Once you have Acrobat Reader you will be able to view PDF files anywhere you go.
  • Most, if not all, versions of Windows98 and better, come with Acrobat Reader already installed.
    Our PDF brochures will be compatible with Acrobat Reader version 3.0 and above. We are capable of creating documents that are compatible with version 2.0 if you happen to need an older version. Simply E-mail a request to us for an older version PDF and we will be happy to E-mail, or fax it to you.

SOLD...You will not find any 'sold' banners on our listings. Since it has been requested that we keep information on sold property online We have set up a separate page in which to view that information. If you should happen to want information on sold properties that is no longer online please E-mail us a request for a 'list of sold properties'. Also please indicate the time frame. (i.e. Jan. 1997 to present) We will be happy to provide this information.

Also please be aware that we 'recycle' our listing numbers. For example listing #215 this week/month may be a different property Than listing #215 next week/month. Therefore it is possible to see listing #215 in both the normal listing information and the sold listing information, but they are two completely different properties. Please read the description at least partially to be sure of the property that you are looking at. The listing number breakdown goes as follows.

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